Motorex KTM Racing Team juniors had an up and down day at the KTM Australian Motocross Championships in Horsham VIC today.

In the 13/u15 years 125cc class, the team got off to a great start with Hunter Lawrence 3rd after picking up a great holeshot and Callum Norton 8th.

Unfortunately, young-gun Hunter Lawrence was later sidelined after a crash in the first 12/u14 years 85cc-150F class. Lawrence went into the finals in this class with 3-straight heat wins and was considered a favourite for the title.

In final two of the younger 125cc class, Norton claimed 11th. One final remains to determine the title.

Wayde Carter competed in the third final of the 15 years 125cc class, collected 2nd place and now sits in 3rd position overall, within striking distance of the lead. Two more final races remain. Carter then went on to win the first final in the premier 15 years 250F class in style.

In the first final for the 13/u14 years 250F class, Norton collected an uncharacteristic 23rd place after a crash and is keen to make improvements tomorrow.

In other interesting news, Motorex KTM juniors Wayde Carter and Hunter Lawrence were highlighted in an event news report with WIN TV during the evening news on 2.10.13 and today saw Carter on the couch for KTM TV.

We look forward to updating you all tomorrow with Championship results.

Stay tuned!