KTM junior racer Sam Duncanson down but not out


Whilst racing at the top of his game at Tivoli in Queensland, GMR Motorex KTM racer Sam Duncanson from Cleveland crashed out hard over a triple section, taking him off the bike and out of racing for a number of weeks until he recovers from some major breaks and bruising.

In true championship spirit, the Australian Junior Motocross title holder (13-14yrs 250F), isn’t letting his accident bring him down, instead Sam Duncanson is more determined than ever to return to racing stronger and faster.

Commenting on his accident, Duncanson said, “I can’t really remember crashing, I only really started to realise what had happened the following day.  I definitely felt disheartened as anyone would when I was in such a good place with my racing, but on the positive side, I know that this has happened to many great racers in their careers who come back fitter and more determined to win.

“I ended up fracturing a few spurs on my spine, breaking a few ribs, and breaking my collarbone.  I know it sounds harsh, but it could have been a lot worse.

“A big part of my recovery process mentally has been the support from family, friends and GMR Motorex KTM Racing.  My dad has hardly left my side, and some of my mates and my brother have come to see me just about every day, which was cool when I was in hospital because it got pretty boring in the ward, although some of the nurses were cute!

“My GMR Motorex KTM Race Team Manager, Glenn Macdonald has also been really supportive and wants me to take all the time I need to recover both physically and mentally.  He knows what this feels like; being a former racer himself, so he can totally relate to how I feel and also gets my anxiety to want to race as soon as possible.   

“I know my return to racing will require a lot of physio and strength work, and I’m looking forward to starting all necessary rehabilitation as soon as possible, so I can return to racing hopefully by round two of the National Motocross Championship in April.  This will be a qualifying race for the junior world team, so I’m pretty anxious to be fit and well for that, but I’m also not silly to rush my recovery.

“I’ve had some major setbacks with injuries in my racing career, going back to 2007 when a knee injury required a full reconstruction, and then in 2008 I fractured my leg, and was sidelined again.  I recovered from both of these accidents and went on to win a NSW State Motocross Championship in the 125cc class, and topped the season off with an Australian Junior Championship title in the 14 -15 years 250F class. 

“It’s unfortunate that this recent accident came at a time when I was recording lap times on both stadium and outdoor circuits that rivalled some of the top senior Pro Lite contenders, which I felt was pretty good when I’m only 15 years old.

“Anyway, with all the support family and friends are providing I’m in a positive mind frame to be race fit and ready for competition as soon as possible.  It’s great to have so much support even from fans of the sport so I’m really thankful to everyone for that.”

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