GMR Motorex KTM Junior Racing Team officially announces its 2012 line-up


GMR Motorex KTM is proud to announce that its junior racers Callum Norton, Reece Rayner, Mitchell Evans, Egan Mastin and Andy Dinicol will return in 2012 and once again race under KTM Australia’s Factory Junior Racing Team in 2012. The highly successful junior team members will also be joined by multi-State and National Champion, Wayde Carter.

After a successful 2011 campaign which included an impressive 7 podium results at the Australian Junior Motocross Championships culminating into a tally of 7 junior State and National Championships, it was natural to continue building on solid foundations and see the return of its young chargers.

Team Owner-Manager Glenn Macdonald explained “2011 was a building year for the team. Many of the riders were at the younger end of their respective age groups plus Norton, Evans, Mastin and Dinicol were all new faces to the team. It was important that the year progress at a steady pace and we saw the amazing results they collected at the nationals in October.’

Macdonald continued ‘The 8 State and National Championships for GMR Motorex KTM Junior & Women’s Racing Team in 2011 take the GMR-KTM tally to 33 number one plates in just 5 years. I couldn’t have been any more proud of the team this year so it was important that our eligible team members carry through in 2012 to continue their momentum.”

The only line-up change will be the welcomed introduction of Wayde Carter. A position became available for the talented Victorian due to the movement of Scott Mann who has turned 16 years old and will move into the senior ranks where he will be contesting the u19’s Australian Motocross Championship.

Macdonald added “Scott Mann has been an outstanding junior team member and a great influence on his younger team mates. We hope that his years with GMR Motorex KTM provide him with the tools needed to succeed in the senior ranks and we will continue to be a part of his career any way we can.”

14 year old Carter, a multiple State and National Champion, will join the team to race the KTM150SX and KTM250SX-F models with a focus on the Victorian and Australian Motocross Championships. Carter will also be entering the Hattah Desert Race in 2012, an event in which he has had great success.

“I am really excited about the change and joining GMR Motorex KTM’ says Carter ‘I am looking forward to the new bikes and getting out there and amongst it!”

The GMR Motorex KTM Junior Team will retain its level of six racers in 2012 and is confident that its winning formula will again translate into success, not only with Championship results, but the development of its chargers as they progress through the ranks.

“2012 is going to be another exciting year for the team and I am looking forward to building on our existing relationships with our returning riders, but also working with Wayde as he transitions to the new KTM bikes. I believe the timing is right to see Wayde join us at GMR Motorex KTM and I am certain that with our team network supporting him, Wayde will continue to develop and succeed.”

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GMR Motorex KTM Junior Racing Team - Rider Summary

Rider Callum Norton (VIC)
2012 Age Group 9-u12 years 85cc
2012 Bikes KTM85SX(SW)
2011 Major Results
1st VIC State Championship (9-u12 65)
1st VIC State Championship (9-u12 85)
1st NSW State Championship (9-u11 65)
1st NSW State Championship (9-u12 85)
1st Australian Championship (9-u11 65)
2nd Australian Championship (9-u12 85)

Rider Reece Rayner (QLD)
2012 Age Group 12-u14 years 85cc
2012 Bikes KTM85SX(BW)
2011 Major Results
2nd QLD State Championship (9-u12 65)
2nd QLD State Championship (9-u12 85)
2nd Sunshine State Motocross Series (9-u12 65)
2nd Sunshine State Motocross Series (9-u12 85)
11th FIM World Junior Championship (65)
3rd Australian Championship (11-u13 65)

Rider Mitchell Evans (QLD)
2012 Age Group 12-u14 years 85cc / 13-u15 years 100-150cc
2012 Bikes KTM85SX(BW) / KTM150SX
2011 Major Results
4th Sunshine State Motocross Series (12-u16 85)
7th QLD State Championship (12-u14 85)
2nd  Australian Championship (12-u14 85)

Rider Egan Mastin (NSW)
2012 Age Group 13-u15 years 100-150cc / 13-u15 years 250F
2012 Bikes KTM150SX / KTM250SX-F
2011 Major Results
1st  NSW State Championship (12-u14 85)
2nd  NSW State Championship (13-u15 150)
1st  Australian Championship (12-u 14 85)
4th Australian Championship (13-u15 150)

Rider Andy Dinicol (VIC)
2012 Age Group 13-u15 years 100-150cc / 13-u15 years 250F
2012 Bikes KTM150SX / KTM250SX-F
2011 Major Results
3rd SA State Championship, Rnd 3 (12-u16 85)
7th VIC State Championship (12-u16 85/150F)*
8th VIC State Championship (13-u16 150)*Injury

Rider Wayde Carter (VIC)
2012 Age Group 13-u15 years 100-150cc / 13-u15 years 250F
2012 Bikes KTM150SX /KTM250SX-F
2011 Major Results
1st VIC State Championship (12-u16 85/150 F)
1st VIC State Championship (13-u16 250F)
1st Australian Championship (12-u14 150F)
1st Hattah Desert Race (250F & 12-u16 Outright)