GMR Motorex KTM racers shine at opening round of Sunshine State Series


GMR Motorex KTM junior racers had a major hit-out on the weekend of 26 March at the opening round of the Sunshine State Motocross Series at Warwick, QLD. Reece Rayner, Mitchell Evans, Egan Mastin and Scott Mann all took to the circuit which boasted red loamy soil with fast sections and deep ruts, with Scott Mann taking the win in both premier 150cc and 250-F classes while Mitchell Evan’s scored the win in the 12-15 years 85cc class.

In an exciting build up, this was Mitchell Evans’ first major event in the 12-15 years age group on the KTM85SX big-wheel while Egan Mastin scored an entry to the 125-150cc class just days prior to the event and as first reserve on the 85cc, became eligible to start on race morning.

Reece Rayner had an up and down day. “Things didn’t go to plan for me” said Rayner “I had a huge crash while going for the lead in one of my 65 races, so while a 3rd is good, I really feel I could have won.”

“On the 85, I was getting the jump off the gate but was losing the tow through the first turn and had some bad luck in general and this showed in my results.”

Mitchell Evan’s came out strong in the big-wheel 85cc class to take the win. “I am so happy to score the win!” said Evan’s “Mum and I drove down from Cairns for the event and it was my first big race meeting on the big-wheel 85, so I am pretty excited with the result. I haven’t had much time on the bike except for some training last weekend leading up to the event due to the bad weather and Cyclone Yasi.”

Egan Mastin showed blistering speed early in the day, but a huge crash and an injured shoulder hampered his overall result. “I was lucky to get on the gate for the older 85 class this weekend because I was first reserve. I definitely had the pace and took the win in race one, but in race two I had a huge crash and went end for end, hurting my shoulder” said Mastin “I was able to pick up enough points to score 4th for the day, only one point off the podium.”

“On the 150, I started well and picked up a 5th in my first race but the shoulder injury was pretty painful, so we just decided to focus on the 85.”

Scott Mann meanwhile dominated in the two-stoke and four-stroke Lites classes. “This was a great start to the season,” said Mann “I only dropped one race at the event, taking the win in five of six, but even still I am really happy about picking up second in one of my 250 races because I crashed early in the moto and came from last place to second. It was a really solid ride.”

Team Manager Glenn Macdonald reflected on the event and said “Reece, Mitchell, Egan and Scott did a great job representing GMR Motorex KTM at Warwick, with the riders collecting four podiums in the five classes contested, three of these were wins.”

“I was impressed with Scott Mann who was solid all day. He had a couple of riders stick with him for a couple of laps, but this was Scott’s day to bring it home. Scott was incredible in the race where he crashed on the 250F, coming from last to second. He was just so determined and focused to score as many points as possible.”

“Reece had an up and down day by his usual standards but we know what we need to work on. I am really looking forward to working with Reece again this coming weekend at the opening round of the Victorian Titles. We are in the points for the 65 class, but for the 85 we need to regroup for this series and focus on round results and the upcoming QLD state titles.”

“The 12-15 years 85 class was awesome, the racing was great to watch. Egan came out with a bang and had cracking pace, taking the win in race one and had a huge crash while leading in the second moto. Mitchell meanwhile chipped away at it with a 5th in race one, and by the end of the day secured the top spot by just one point. This is a tight class and with Mitchell leading and Egan sitting just five points behind in 4th, it looks like it will be exciting!”

“The Sunshine State Series opener was fantastic. It is a long series and the racing looks like it will be close to the end.”

10-12 years 65cc
1.  Isaac Ferguson 67pts
2. Hunter Lawrence 65pts
3. Reece Rayner 62pts
9-11 years 85cc
1. Hunter Lawrence 68pts
2. Lawson Preston 65pts
3. Isaac Ferguson 62pts
10. Reece Rayner 31pts

12-15 years 85cc
1. Mitchell Evans 56pts
2. Wilson Todd 55pts
3. Brayden Collins 52pts
4. Egan Mastin 51 pts

13-15 years 125-150cc
1. Scott Mann 75pts
2. Jesse Dobson 64pts
3. Joel Dinsdale 58pts
8. Egan Mastin 35pts

15 years 250F
1. Scott Mann 72pts
2. Jesse O’Farrell 65pts
3. Dakota Court 58pts



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