Illness strikes GMR Motorex KTM at Australian Junior Nationals Ė Day 2


Ringmaster Images Daily Report

In an unfortunate turn of events, the GMR Motorex KTM Racing Team has been struck with illness on day two of the competition.

Dylan Long felt the effects of the bug in the early hours of Monday morning, arriving at the track with a bucket in hand. While Jay Wilson, who although not racing but attending in support of his team mates and younger brother Dylan, spent much of the day in the van sleeping. To top it off, Team Manager Glenn Macdonald has also been struck, and while blame was quickly laid on the local Thai food, it has become clear that a bug is sweeping through with a number of competitors affected.

Reece Rayner has remained unscathed from the bug so far, and competed again today in both the 9-11 years 65 and 85cc classes. In the9-11 years 65cc class, Reece placed 2nd in his final heat round and posted the fastest lap time. Reece’s results in the heats have qualified him in 3rd position for the finals.

Reece also competed in two rounds of heats in the 85cc class placing 2nd and 9th. A huge crash in the final heat race relegated reece way down the pack but made a hard fought effort to come back to 9th position. Reece qualified 7th for the finals.

Scott Mann has also steered well clear of the bug and hit the track again on his KTM 150SX in the 13-14 years 125-150cc class in the third round of heats. Scott placed 2nd and qualified in 2nd position.

Scott will be on board his KTM 85SX, fresh from the World Championships in France, for practice and finals kicking off tomorrow.

Dylan Long gathered all of his strength for his heat racing in the 15 years 250F class and in round two of heats placed 4th. Dylan then sat out round three of heats as he had solid points to secure a place in the final 40.

Dylan will be on board is KTM 150SX tomorrow for practice and finals.

We look forward to reporting to you all again tomorrow. Hopefully this bug has been kicked to the curb!