GMR Motorex KTM racer Scott Mann wins QLD Mini Lites Motocross Championship


The final round of the QLD Motocross Championships was held at Roma on 24 & 25 April 2010 and despite some ups and downs, it was Scott Mann who took the Mini Lites title win on board his KTM85SX.

Commenting on his racing Scott said “I am really pumped to pick up a number one plate. I won the first moto at Roma, then a crash in the second moto of the 85 nearly cost me.  I managed to salvage 9th and then rode for points in the final race, finishing 4th which was enough to secure the title.

“In the 150 class, I was riding awesome and picked up two 2nd place finishes to Jackson Richardson, but the injury I sustained on the 85 took it out of me, and I couldn’t start the last race. I placed 5th overall on the 150. I was aiming for higher in this class, but it was an up and down series for me, so I will now turn my focus on the junior nationals.”

“I would like to thank GMR Motorex KTM, my family and everyone else for all of their support and encouragement.”

Young gun Reece Rayner also raced well all series, with only a couple of small crashes which hampered his podium chase.  “I was pretty consistent on the KTM 65cc this season and I collected 4th for the championship,” said Rayner.  “I would have loved to be on the podium but a couple of crashes cost me. On the KTM 85 SX, I finished 6th overall. I know I have the speed so I just need to string it all together.  I am looking forward to next year as I still have a couple of years left in this age group.

“I want to thank my family and friends as well as the team for their support.”

Team Manager Glenn Macdonald reflected on the series, “Both boys had their ups and downs during the series, but the most important point is that both riders are safe, they put in 100% effort and represented the KTM brand and all of our associated sponsors in a very professional manner,” said Macdonald.

“Reece still has quite some time left in this age group, collecting 4th and 6th overall on the 65 and 85 respectively.  I am confident that he will continue to develop and with that, even better results will come.  It is important to note that this is in my view, a development year for Reece with junior racing, and I am very pleased with his performance on and off the track.

“Big congratulations to Scott Mann who has picked up a number one plate in the Mini Lites class.  Scott has adapted to the KTM unbelievably well and is a deserving winner.   Scott crashed in one of his motos at Roma, but took it in his stride and rode battered and bruised, determined to collect the number one plate.

“Scott also proved that he is a real threat on board his KTM 150SX, putting in some amazing lap times, and race results during the series.  A couple of race incidents hampered a higher overall result for Scott, but I couldn’t be any happier with the way he has performed. He had the KTM at the pointy end of the field on a regular basis, and I am looking forward to his continued development as we eye off the junior nationals in September.

“Scott joins a long list of riders who have collected State Championships with GMR Motorex KTM, and we thank all who helped Scott achieve this result.”

9-11 years 65cc
1.       Hunter Lawrence 70pts
2.       Mitchell Evans 68pts
3.       Wilson Todd 58pts
4.       Reece Rayner 54pts
9-11 years Mini Lites
1.       Wilson Todd 68pts
2.       Mitchell Evans 67pts
3.       Hunter Lawrence 60pts
6.       Reece Rayner 40pts

13-14 years Mini Lites
1.       Alex Rooke 69pts
2.       Dakota Court 67pts
3.       Scott Mann 55pts

13-15 years two-stroke Lites
1.       Jackson Richardson 72pts
2.       Jacob Wright 61pts
3.       Dylan Hickling 52pts
4.       Scott Mann 44pts


9-11 years 65cc
1.       Mitchell Evans 202pts
2.       Wilson Todd 195pts
3.       Hunter Lawrence 195pts
4.       Reece Rayner 164pts
9-11 years Mini Lites
1.       Wilson Todd 200pts
2.       Mitchell Evans 193pts
3.       Hunter Lawrence 188pts
6.       Reece Rayner 141pts

13-14 years Mini Lites
1.       Scott Mann 187pts
2.       Alex Rooke 180pts
3.       Dakota Court 174pts

13-15 years two-stroke Lites
1.       Jackson Richardson 216pts
2.       Jacob Wright 199pts
3.       Dylan Hickling 166pts
5.       Scott Mann 131pts



Wilson, Rayner & Mann - Sunshine State Motocross Series, at Toowoomba


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