GMR Motorex KTM racers out in front and in the mix at Sunshine State Series opener


Round one of the Sunshine State Series kicked off on 6 & 7 February at Coolum and we saw three GMR Motorex KTM junior racers out in front and in the points chase.

The track on Saturday was loamy-sand to start with and became chopped out and harder packed in the main race lines as the day progressed, however bad weather on Sunday made for challenging racing and cut short the racing program.

This event was also Scott Mann’s first outing since taking a long off-season break, and was also his debut with the GMR Motorex KTM Racing Team.

“I am happy with my results at Coolum, particularly my win in the 14-15 years Mini Lites class on the KTM 85 SX,” said Mann.  “The conditions were really tough, it was so wet and sandy that it made your vision really hard.

“In the 13-14 years Lites class, I rode the KTM 150 SX and picked up third place in race one.  This was a good starting point for the day, and I planned to build up from there.  In race two I felt more in the groove and picked up second which gave me second overall for the day.

“In the Mini-Lites class, the KTM 85 SX was really good, and handled the boggy track awesome. We made some minor changes to the jetting after practice because it was so wet, and the track was really heavy, so in race one I was able to get out in front and take the win.

“Unfortunately because of the weather we only had one race for the Mini-Lites class, and two races in the Lites, instead of three races in each class. I have a good position in the points, and am feeling really good on the bikes so I am looking forward to the next round at Roma.”

Team Manager Glenn Macdonald commented after the event, “I am really pleased that Scott has had such a positive start to the season with GMR Motorex KTM,” said Macdonald.  “He had quite a long break in the off-season and has only recently started testing.  He has certainly proved how well he has adapted to racing the KTM.

“With racing being cut short we only saw a glimpse of Scott’s pace, however he now has the advantage of being well placed in the points standings heading into round two at Roma in just a couple of weeks time.”

Jay Wilson won his first moto in the 15 years Lites class, but came together with another rider in race two pushing him back in the field, having to play catch up for the rest of the event.  He now sits on equal points with second and third (40 points) an advantage going into the next round.

“Coolum was intense because the conditions were really wet and sloppy, but I felt pretty confident because I love wet-weather racing,” said Wilson.  “I chose to race the KTM 150 SX instead of the KTM 250 SX-F in the 15 years Lites class, and I am happy with my choice, I had a good weight advantage, and was on pace for most of the track except maybe one or two super-boggy corners.

“I got a good start in race one and rode to the chequers for the win. But in race two, I came together with another rider off the start gate, and we got tangled.  I was way back in the pack and had to fight through the field, copping roost the whole way.   I got all the way back up to sixth place by the end of the race which gave me fourth overall for the day.

“I am in equal points with second and third which is an advantage heading into the next round, and I’m only 7 points off the leader. The next round is on a hard pack track which I also enjoy, so I am really looking forward to it.”

“Jay certainly came out in race one of the Lites with a bang on his KTM 150 SX, and proved that these machines are capable of winning over the four-strokes despite the heavy nature of the circuit” said Macdonald.

“Race two clearly didn’t go according to his plan, but Jay managed to salvage valuable points and sits in fourth overall - on equal points with the second and third place getters at this event. This is a rider who certainly loves the wet and sloppy conditions and can dig deep in the toughest of circumstances, just as he did at the World Championships last season. Having said that, he loves hard pack as well so round two at Roma should prove interesting.”

Reece Rayner won his first 65cc race and secured two second places in the 85’s, but in his second 65 race, when leading he crashed heavily off a step-up jump and couldn’t score any points.   Reece currently sits on equal points for second position in the 85cc Mini Lites class.

“I was pretty excited coming to this event and I had a really good start to the day,” said Rayner.    “My nerves settled after doing well in my first 85 race.  It was a good race and I was closing in on Wilson Todd, but I came into lapped traffic, and had a small crash on the last lap, but still finished second.

“I then won my first 65cc race and got another second in the 85’s, but in the second 65 race I was leading and crashed pretty big off a step-up jump.  I was really disappointed because I was riding awesome. I corked my leg and was in a fair bit of pain and couldn’t score any points.

“I really tried hard in my next couple of races to get as many points as I could. I finished 11th in the next race on my 85cc, and then in my last 65cc race I finished sixth even with a flat tyre.

“I am in sixth overall on the 65 and fourth overall on the 85, and I am on equal points with second and third so I am happy about that.  My bikes handled really good and they looked sick with our new team graphics.  I can’t wait until the next round.”

“I understand Reece’s disappointment in his crash in his second 65cc race, but I am just glad that he didn’t sustain a more serious injury” said Macdonald.  “There are plenty of positives that he takes away from the event, including very impressive lap times in both classes, as well as a race win on the 65 and two second place finishes in the 85 class, before his crash hampered his run. I am really stoked for Reece, and I honestly believe he has put a few of his competitors on notice that he means business this season.

“It’s a long series and Reece is still well within the points chase in both classes. Reece currently sits on equal points for second position in the Mini Lites class and I am sure that with a few more solid races under his belt in the 65’s he will quickly move up the leader board.”

10-12 years 65cc
1.      Wilson Todd 69pts
2.     Tyler Bullen 65pts
3.     Seth Muller 60pts
4.     David Ustariz 51pts
5.     Tyler McCoy 40pts
6.     Reece Rayner 40pts
9-11 years Mini Lites
1.     Wilson Todd 72pts
2.     Hunter Lawrence 54pts
3.     Seth Muller 54pts
4.     Reece Rayner 54pts

14-15 years Mini Lites
1.     Scott Mann 25pts
2.     Dakota Court 22pts
3.     Bradley Bell 20pts

13-14 years Lites
1.     Jacob Wright 50pts
2.     Scott Mann 42pts
3.     Jesse O’Farrell 42pts

15 years Lites
1.     Thomas Rushton 47pts
2.     Joel Evans 40pts
3.     Jackson Richardson 40pts
4.     Jay Wilson 40pts



Reece Rayner, Scott Mann and Jay Wilson: Shell Advance Sunshine State Series, Round 2 at Roma, on 20 & 22 February


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