Dylan Long clean sweeps final round of the Junior Super X Championship to claim second overall in the series while Simmonds impresses again in Pro Opens


The Monster Energy Super X Championship made its way to Parramatta Stadium, NSW for round five of the series on Saturday 14 November, 2009. The Sydney round of the series turned it on for the crowd with challenging rhythm sections, the longest and fastest start straight we have seen this series a deep sand section that saw many riders struggle as well as high speed stutters into the finish line jump saw chaotic last minute moves for final placings.

“I was really impressed with the track layout at Parramatta, and I put in a solid practice session” said Dylan Long. “I have been recovering well from my shoulder injury which I sustained at the Junior Nationals, and was feeling a lot stronger, and fitter coming into this event, so I knew I was in for a good one.

“I was second in the series overall heading into the final round, and 14 points off Dion Brillanti who was in the lead. I finished third at Geelong, and then second at Canberra, so my goal was to be on top of the podium at Parramatta, and see how that positioned me in the series.

“We had three six lap races which were held back-to-back, and in race one I had a bad run through the first rhythm section. I was in about fourth or fifth, and made my way up to second position with two laps to go.  I was reeling in Brillanti who was out in front, and when he got mixed up with a lapper I pushed in hard through the stutters to make the pass on him, and take the race win.

“I was confident heading into the next two races, and my KTM 150 SX was running sweet.  I got a holeshot in the next one and took the win.  Heading into the third and final race, it worked out that not only was I leading the event, but if I could win the last race I would draw Brillanti on the series as well!

“I took another holeshot and rode home for my third win, pulling a huge whip over the finish line, I was just so pumped!

“Dion and I finished on 199 points each for the series, and on count-back Dion was declared the series winner because he won the most races. I was a little bit disappointed I didn’t win the series, but at the same time I am glad event organizers of Super X ran a junior series, and I’m pleased I was I was even able to ride because of my shoulder injury.

“I would like to thank GMR Motorex KTM, my parents as well as Michelin for sponsoring the series and Super X for giving the juniors the opportunity.”

“It was great to see Dylan back on song and taking three race wins at Parramatta”said Team manager Glenn Macdonald. “After a third place at Geelong, a lot of people doubted us entering Dylan on the KTM 150 SX two stroke, but we stuck to the game plan, and he went on to pick up a second at Canberra, and a clean sweep at Parramatta so we have certainly proven that the bike is an awesome package, and that Dylan is an extremely skillful rider who has been consistent throughout the series, despite carrying injury.

“To go into the final race with the Championship points so close made for exciting racing, and with Dylan’s final race win of the night he drew the series points with Dion Brillanti. On count-back rules, Dylan was awarded second overall.

“The whole team is very proud of Dylan’s achievement, the way he rode, and conduced himself on the big stage at Super X, and under the big rig with the senior Motorex KTM racers.”

Tye Simmonds also put in yet another outstanding performance at the Parramatta Stadium.

“Tye rode extremely well in practice, and with some minor set up changes on the KTM 450 SX-F he cemented his mark on the Pro Open class with a third fastest in qualifying behind Chad Reed, and Daniel Reardon,” said Macdonald.  “In his heat race, Tye was at the pointy end, but a washout in the corner after the finish line jump hampered a top gate pick.

“The format for the Super X class at Parramatta was Survival. There were four, six lap races, and after each race, the riders had to dismount, and run their bikes back to the gate, prepare their own grid, and re-start the next race within two minutes. It is a very hectic, and demanding format, with the last five placed riders dropped from the next race. The ultimate goal is to make the final race of five riders, and Tye set out to do just that.

“Tye had a dream run in the first race, taking an awesome start which saw him quickly take the lead. He led until the dying stages of the race with a hungry Chad Reed closing in. With the screaming crowd behind them, Tye and Chad took it to the wire with Chad taking the win by .2 of a second.

“Tye then had a shocker of a second race, and only just scraped through to the next round of the finals. He made amends in race three collecting a third place behind Reed, the king of Supercross Jeremy McGrath.

“The final race saw an intense battle between the five riders remaining, and suffering arm pump and a lack of feeling in his hands, Tye dug deep, and brought home fourth place just missing a podium finish.

“Tye has an incredible drive to improve, and stand on the podium at each and every event, and to come so close again to a podium at Parramatta is understandably frustrating for him.  At each event Tye is getting more confident, and consistent so with two rounds of Super X remaining, we aim to keep in the mix, and continue to chip away at securing a podium result for the series.”

“I was happy with my results at Parramatta, but I’m always wanting a podium, well actually I’m always wanting to win so being off the podium was a bit of a downer,” said Simmonds.  “It doesn’t help that I’m not getting in as much bike training that I need given my knee injury, but I’m giving the best I have in me, and still learning from every round.

“My first race was awesome, I got a great start, and led all the way until the whoop section, where Chad Reed got me.  I knew he was on my tail, and I tried to protect my line, but he got me by .2 of a second. 

“The second race was a shocker, starts were everything, and I got a bad start.  Thankfully, I passed Reardon on the last corner and just scrapped through to the next race.  The next race was better I sat behind McGrath and enjoyed watching his line choices as I chased him to the finish. 

“Come the final I felt the pressure of going head to head with a short list of the best riders in the competition with Reed, Marmont, McGrath and McCoy all on the line against me.   As soon as the gate dropped I felt tense, and arm pump set in.  They say it’s in your head, and I guess this is a true example because my arms were locked and burning the entire race.  I also didn’t feel as fit as I would have liked in trying to maintain a solid pace, it was a relief to cross the finish line, and also a little disappointing not to get a podium.

“My game plan now is to just keep doing what I’m doing, get plenty of bike time in and keep learning from my experiences.”  

Meanwhile, in the Pro Lites class Kade Mosig was looking a lot stronger. “Kade has been managing the recovery from his knee injury quite well considering the extent of it, and he showed a lot more confidence at this round” said Macdonald.

“The confidence, combined with his on bike strength allowed for the team to make some significant set up changes between practice, and qualifying which shaved another two seconds a lap of his times.

“Kade then went out and took a convincing heat win on board his KTM 250 SX-F and regulated to the top ten shoot out. 

“Unfortunately lady luck again took the wind out of his sails, with Kade having a shocking run in the finals.  The Pro Lites format at Parramatta was four, five lap races with a five minute break in between. In race one, Kade got a solid start, but came up short on the triple, and smashed his head into the handlebars. This rattled him and bent the bike, but he still finished bringing home 14th place.

“During the break, the extent of his knock was clear with a mouth full of blood, a smashed tooth, and a severely bent bike. Kade re-grouped, and pulled an awesome start in race two, but a pile up in turn one brought him down, and he did not collect any points.

“Kade’s best result of the finals was a seventh place in race three, and in race four he was running well in the top ten, until he became tangled with another rider putting him out of contention for a solid result.

“Kade showed flashes of his past form, and now has three weeks to prepare for the final round of Super X at Brisbane, where he is motivated to make amends and get his Motorex KTM in the mix.”

“The night started off really well for me,” said Mosig.  “I had a confidence boost that I needed after going out and winning my heat race.  Everything was feeling solid, and consistent.

“Between races we made some bike set up changes which I was at first nervous about, but they turned out to be positive as well.  After my heat race result I made it through to the top 10 shoot out, which was a little daunting being out on the track by yourself racing the clock, but I got through it ok.

“In the first final on the first lap I was fifth off the start and holding my own, but then I  got wheel spin before the triple, and came up short smashing my head on the handlebars, and I cracked my tooth in half.   I now have half a tooth, so I’ll definitely need some dentistry work done.  After that incident I shook it off and kept riding the best I could but I’m not sure where I crossed the finish line.

“In the second race I got a good start, but going into the first turn another rider ran into the back of my wheel, which put me down.   By the time I got back on the bike, I wasn’t in a position to do well.

“I was losing momentum by the third race, and didn’t get the best of starts, coming through the field in sixth or seventh.  I held my own and consistently kept rotating to the finish line, and then in the last race I came together with another rider and we both went down.  So the night started on a high and finished on a low, however I’m still holding my head high and feel really happy with the bike set up changes, and my achievement in winning the heat race.

“The Pro Lites class doesn’t race again now until Brisbane on 5 December, so I have a three week break to accustom myself to the new bike settings, and be prepared to make the most if it for the final round.”


Top Ten Pro Open Championship Points

1 Jay Marmont CDR Yamaha 108
2 Chad Reed Monster Energy Kawasaki  107
3 Dan Reardon Woodstock Thor Honda 98
4 Tye Simmonds Motorex KTM 86
5 Daniel McCoy Coastal KTM 78
6 Cody Mackie Kawasaki Racing  68
7 Cheyne Boyd  CDR Yamaha 66
8 Craig Anderson Kawasaki Racing 63
9 Cameron Taylor SP Motorsports Suzuki 58
10 Troy Carroll Cool Air Conditioning Kawasaki 52

Top Ten Pro Lites Championship Points

1 Matt Moss Shift Motul Suzuki 125
2 Kyle Cunningham Serco Yamaha 97
3 Lawson Bopping Privateer Suzuki 94
4 Ryan Marmont MX Rad 89
5 Brendan Harrison Privateer Yamaha 79
6 Kirk Gibbs Privateer Yamaha 71
7 Lewis Woods Privateer Kawasaki 60
9 Adam Monea Privateer Suzuki 58
8 Danny Anderson Coastal KTM 56
10 Taylor Potter Vision Motorsports 44

Top Ten Junior Development Championship Points Overall

1 Dion Brillanti Privateer Honda 199
2 Dylan Long GMR Motorex KTM 199
3 Errol Willis Privateer Yamaha 172
4 Luke Clout  Shift Motul Suzuki 143
5 Jake Vella Privateer Suzuki 122
6 Ben George Kawasaki 116
7 Joshua Melis Privateer KTM 102
8 Dale Fear Privateer KTM 100
9 Jake Emmanuelli Privateer Yamaha 97
10 Luke Reardon Privateer Honda 95


Saturday 14 November, Waikato, New Zealand

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