Dylan Long climbs to second in Junior Super X Championship while Simmonds maintains fourth in Pro Opens


Round Four of the Australian Supercross Championship hit Canberra Stadium, ACT on Saturday 7 November, 2009 and provided for some intense racing as the series gains momentum.

The surface of the circuit was made with a hard packed soil and had three large rhythm sections, a triple and whoops. The Canberra Stadium and crowd provided a great atmosphere for the event with over 9000 spectators reported to be in attendance.

“I’m impressed with Dylan Long’s progress this series despite carrying injury, said Glenn Macdonald Team Coordinator, “He is one determined rider that’s for sure.”

“What caught my eye most of all was how he worked his way through the pack after some poor starts assertively, without compromising himself.  We made some set up changes earlier in the day which enhanced his opportunities.

“The team knows what we need to work on and with a little more time on the bike I am confident he will be on the box again in Sydney.

“We raced three six lap races at Canberra, with only five minutes between each. I finished 3-2-2 to pick up second for the round, only one point from taking the round win,” said Long.  “ I am fairly happy with my result from this round because now I have moved from third to second in the Super X Championship which is awesome.

“I am still carrying my shoulder and foot injury from the Junior Nationals but have been recovering well and this week I was able to spend a little more time on the bike in preparation for the event.

“I still chose to ride the KTM 150 SX two stroke despite the majority of competitors entering on their 250 four strokes, because I haven’t got a lot of experience on the KTM 250 SX-F yet, plus it’s a little lighter and easier for me to maneuver around the track while I am not a 100 percent.

“The track was really hard packed, and just before the juniors raced, the track was watered heavily. My starts weren’t the best and I had to work through the pack in all three races but my KTM 150 SX was unreal and got me to the front of the pack each race. With some good starts I know I can win.

“I am one step up on the podium this round, having placed third at round one in Geelong a couple of weeks ago and I aim to be on the number one spot at Sydney this weekend for the final round of the junior series.”

“Tye Simmonds put in another huge effort on the KTM 450 SX-F this weekend at Canberra,” said Macdonald. 

“Since the last round at Perth, the team has made a number of set up changes to the KTM which we feel has allowed Tye some more scope to get in there and race harder.  He picked up two solid results in finals one and two with 6th and 4th places respectively, and with a stronger start we knew he could be a front runner in the last race.   Tye certainly delivered with a good start and backed it up with a hard push through the rhythm section into turn two and the triple, quickly making the pass on Craig Anderson and then Daniel McCoy.

“The crash in the final stages of the race can simply be put down to him racing hard to chequered flag.   He wanted the pass on Cheyne Boyd, but unfortunately it just didn’t work out that way.

“The KTM 450 SX-F is handling extremely well, although we have identified a couple more areas of improvement so Tye will now spend this week training and testing in Sydney fine tuning, and he has his eyes firmly focused on round five in Sydney.”

“I am really frustrated with my results following the Canberra round,” said Simmonds.  “I was riding pretty good and was in for a shot for another podium.

“Even though I made some small mistakes along the way I was reeling in the front runners and laying down some really good lap times on my KTM 450SX-F, but my crash in race three knocked me off the podium.

“The format for Canberra was three, ten lap races with five minutes between each.  It was pretty intense, and it was great to get some longer races as I know I have the stamina.

“In race one I picked up a solid sixth place, but I knew I had more in me so in race two I went in hard and got a much better start which set me up for a fourth place finish.

“In race three I had an awesome start, and pushed my way through the first rhythm section setting myself up in fifth.  I put a pass on Craig Anderson and then set out to pass Daniel McCoy. After a couple of tough laps I got through into third, and set my sights on Cheyne Boyd. I made a couple of small mistakes but was still reeling him in, until I crashed in a high speed sweeping turn with only two laps to go.

“I finished down the pack in 11th which gave me fifth overall for the round. The crash basically knocked me off my second potential podium for the series.

“I still hold fourth position overall in the Championship and am keen to make amends in Sydney this weekend coming.”

Kade Mosig’s return to the Pro Lites was always going to be touch and go, but apart from riding a little stiff and tentative in qualifying and the heat, he rode quite well for the remainder of the event.

“Kade was looking to bring home a top ten finish, which was definitely achievable, said Macdonald. “However a couple of crashes while being in the mix put a dampener on that objective.

“The result was disappointing however we need to quickly turn our minds to next week and re-focus for Sydney.” 

“I am a bit torn about how I feel about my performance this weekend,” said Mosig.  “Although my results aren’t there on paper, there were a number of positives coming out of the event.

“I am on one hand really pleased to be back on the bike after sitting out round two and three due to my knee injury. I had a lot of medical attention in the past two weeks and I was determined to get back on the track.

“I had a bad run in the heat race I rode really tight and just could not get any rhythm on the bike and this pushed me into the last chance qualifier (LCQ).

“In the LCQ I was warmed up and was determined to make the main. I got a much better start and quickly moved into second which I held for the race and put me on the gate for the finals.

“The finals were a three race format of eight laps, with five minutes between each. I picked up a 12-14-18 result which didn’t represent how I rode.  I was definitely tight and feeling stiff but in races two and three, I was doing well and running in the top ten and much more comfortable and faster each time I raced. A couple of race incidents along the way mucked me up for a much better result but that’s racing and it makes me more determined to make amends and come out stronger in Sydney next week.”


Top Ten Pro Open Championship Points

1. Dan Reardon Woodstock Thor Honda 89

2. Jay Marmont CDR Yamaha 88

3. Chad Reed Monster Energy Kawasaki  82

4. Tye Simmonds Motorex KTM 68

5. Daniel McCoy Coastal KTM 62

6. Cody Mackie Kawasaki Racing  54

7. Cheyne Boyd  CDR Yamaha 54

8. Craig Anderson Kawasaki Racing 48

9. Cameron Taylor SP Motorsports Suzuki 47

10. Troy Carroll Cool Air Conditioning Kawasaki 45

Top Ten Pro Lites Championship Points

1. Matt Moss Shift Motul Suzuki 100

2. Lawson Bopping Privateer Suzuki 78

3. Ryan Marmont MX Rad 75

4. Kyle Cunningham Serco Yamaha 75

5. Brendan Harrison Privateer Yamaha 59

6. Kirk Gibbs Privateer Yamaha 56

7. Lewis Woods Privateer Kawasaki 47

8. Danny Anderson Coastal KTM 46

9. Adam Monea Privateer Suzuki 46

10. Luke Arbon Kawasaki Racing 36

Top Ten Junior Development Championship Points

1. Dion Brillanti Privateer Honda 140

2. Dylan Long GMR Motorex KTM 124

3. Errol Willis Privateer Yamaha 114

4. Luke Clout  Shift Motul Suzuki 103

5. Ben George Kawasaki 75

6. Joshua Melis Privateer KTM 68

7. Jake Vella Privateer Suzuki 65

8. Dale Fear Privateer KTM 65

9. Jake Emmanuelli Privateer Yamaha 63

10. Joe Gillespie  63



Saturday 14 November, Parramatta, NSW

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