A rough ride for GMR Motorex KTM Racing Team to conclude junior nationals


The GMR Motorex KTM Racing Team had yet another tough day of racing at the 2009 Australian Junior Motocross Championship but managed to still secure solid results despite the set backs.

On the final day of the Championship, Dylan Long and Jay Wilson each faced three races which would ultimately determine their final Championship standings for 2009.

The first race for the GMR Motorex KTM racers was the 14-u16 years 85cc class. Long entered the final race 2 points ahead over Luke Clout with Jay Wilson just five points shy in third.

Luke Clout took the early lead but Long soon moved into first and began to check out on the field. Wilson was riding a solid race in third position.

Team Manager Glenn Macdonald reflected on the final stages of the race “it was all looking good for Longy to take the race win and the title but an uncharacteristic crash on the final lap drove him hard into the ground. It took some time for him to regroup and by this stage the podium results were thrown wide open.

“Clout and Wilson moved into first and second respectively for the race, while Long struggled to negotiate the circuit and limped back to the finish line in 9th.

“It was heart breaking to see a rider who was clearly the fastest in the field at this event leave the track injured and to see his hopes of his first Australian Championship disappear.

“I am proud to see both Jay Wilson and Dylan Long on the podium at the nationals with the support of GMR Motorex KTM. While each rider aimed for the number one spot, it tops off a great year with each holding a State Title and collected a first and a third place at the FIM Junior World Championships in this class – no one can take that away from them.”

Jay Wilson collected 2-3-3-3-2 results for 2nd overall, while Dylan Long scored 1-1-1-7-9 for 3rd

Championship Results 14-u16 years 85cc

1. Luke Clout 112 pts
2. Jay Wilson (GMR Motorex KTM) 104 pts
3. Dylan Long (GMR Motorex KTM) 101 pts

The 13-14 years 125-150cc two-stroke class was next for the GMR Motorex KTM boys and despite the injuries sustained in the 85cc class earlier in the morning, Long was determined to ride and attempt to complete the race in order to secure a podium result.

Long entered the race on equal points with Joey Savatgy while Jay Wilson was in 5th overall for the points chase.

“Wilson got a mid pack start and rode a really solid race to move up to 8th position. While it was certainly not the result he wanted, this was a well ridden race with smart line choices and he looked comfortable on the track.

“With shoulder strapping, Long was determined to get on the track” said Macdonald “however when the gate dropped and he let the clutch out we knew by his body language that it was only a matter of time before he retired.

“Long managed two laps of the third final for this class and to see the crowd line the fence and see his fans cheer him on while he cradled his arm on his lap was bitter-sweet and is a testament to his sportsmanship, determination and drive to succeed.

“Despite not being able to finish the race (collecting no points), Long secured a 4th place overall while Wilson secured 6th.”

Championship Results 13-14 years 125-150cc

1. Joey Savatgy (USA) 72 pts
2. Jacob Wright 60 pts
3. Sam Martin 58 pts

4. Dylan Long (GMR Motorex KTM) 47 pts
6. Jay Wilson (GMR Motorex KTM) 43 pts

In the third final for the 13-14 years 250F class it was Wilson who flew the flag for GMR Motorex KTM, while Long sat out the race with a suspected dislocated shoulder.

Wilson came into the final race in 5th position and was determined to score a good race result to move him up the points tally.

“Wilson got what was probably his best start of the event and reflected the Jay Wilson we all know” said Macdonald “Jay entered turn one with a bike length on the field and it was a drag race to turn two.

“After the heavy going sand section, Jay settled into a groove and rode exceptionally well. Jay held onto a well raced 4th place for the race which moved him into 4th for the Championship.”

Jay Wilson scored 5-8-4 for 4th overall, while Long secured 9th overall with 2-11-0 finishes.

Championship Results 13-14 years 250F

1. Joey Savatgy (USA) 70 pts
2. Jacob Wright 67 pts
3. Dion Brillanti 60 pts

4. Jay Wilson, GMR Motorex KTM 47 pts
9. Dylan Long, GMR Motorex KTM 32 pts

To top off the week, a special award was presented by Skull Candy Headgear for the Australian junior rider with most potential. The rider, selected by Colleen Millsaps (mother of Davi Millsaps), was awarded to Dylan Long. The award is a 12 month sponsorship program with Skull Candy.

“I am extremely proud of both Jay and Dylan. It was a tough event for them facing challenges both on and off the track. There was a lot of pressure on the boys given their results this season and while carrying injury sustained during the event, they did the team extremely proud.

“Jay and Dylan also excelled in their presentation and dealings with the media, including coverage on two segments on WIN TV during the event as well as features in an upcoming DVD of the nationals.

“Both Jay and Dylan will now retire from racing their KTM 85SX machines and focus on the KTM 150SX and 250SX-F for season 2010 and I congratulate them on their efforts this season and I am looking forward to working with them again next season.

“GMR Motorex KTM would also like to thank all of their valuable sponsors for their support.”

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