Impressive results continue for GMR Motorex KTM Racing Team at junior nationals


The GMR Motorex KTM Racing Team had another great day of racing at the 2009 Australian Junior Motocross Championship, continuing their good form as the finals inch closer.

Day three of the Championships held at the Maffra-Sale Circuit saw Dylan Long and Jay Wilson put in another outstanding display of dominance in the 14-u16 years 85cc two-stroke class, finishing 1-2 respectively in their second of five races for the event.

“Both racers had average starts and it was Jay who quickly moved into first within a matter of corners” said Glenn Macdonald, Team Manager “Dylan was on the charge hard just behind Jay and snuck passed his teammate into the lead. It was great to see another 1-2 finish in the second of five finals for the event in this class, and we are well positioned in the Championship race.”

The 13-14 years 125-150cc two-stroke class continued with its heat racing today with both racers taking to the grid again side by side in heat session one.

“Dylan Long had the widest gate pick for the heat, placing him in a shocking position for turn one while Jay was able to put in a solid start and quickly moved into second position. Despite the poor gate pick, Dylan had a blinder of a first lap, coming from mid pack to top five but a small mistake cost him dearly, relegating him back to around 12th position.

“Dylan regained track position just behind Joey Savatgy (USA) and they freight trained their way through the field. A small mistake by Savatgy gave Dylan the advantage with him slipping past Savatgy into 3rd position and on pace to close in on Jay.

“Lapped traffic and arm-pump started to play a significant part in the closing stages of the race, and it was Longy and Savatgy who were able to take advantage and move to second position behind Dion Brillanti. Jay held on to a solid 4th place for the heat.”

In heat draw two, it was Jacob Wright who took the win.

The 13-14 years 250F class heat session was the first time the GMR Motorex KTM racers were not pitched against each other.

Dylan Long was in heat draw one and after a good start, completed an uneventful race for a convincing win.

In heat draw two, Jay Wilson was in a stacked heat with Joey Savatgy, Sam Martin and Dion Brillanti but after a bad start, Wilson had to make significant ground. An altercation with a crashed rider and a small crash coming through the pack – all in lap one, Wilson was in around 30th position.

“This was the toughest race Jay could have faced today. He had a huge challenge ahead but he composed and dealt with it as a champion does – he knuckled down and picked riders off one by one” said Macdonald.

“Jay made his way to an amazing 10th place finish for the heat and managed to secure valuable heat points.”

Joey Savatgy took the win, followed by Brillanti and Hayden Melross.

On day four of the Championship (Thursday 1 October) GMR Motorex KTM will see Long and Wilson take to the track for their third and final heat races for both the 13-14 years 125-150cc and 250F classes. The next 85cc finals race will be held on Friday morning.

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