Berwick & Duncanson win Australian Junior Championships with GMR Motorex KTM


In the final day of racing at the Australian Junior Motocross Championships GMR Motorex KTM racers Dylan Berwick and Sam Duncanson stood victorious in both the 13-14 years 125cc and 13-14 years 250F classes.

It was a huge day for the team with Jesse Dobson (Noosa) claiming 3rd place overall in the 9-u12 years class. Dobson had already collected a 4th and 7th in the first two rounds of finals, and a 2nd place finish in today’s third and final race secured the 3rd overall for the Championship.

1. Kyle Webster (Yamaha) 75pts
2. Joel Dinsdale (Yamaha Junior Development Team) 64pts
3. Jesse Dobson (GMR Motorex KTM) 54pts

Joben Baldwin (Albury) collected a 4th and 10th in the first two round of finals, picked up another 10th place today. Baldwin was running in the top bunch and on the pace but an error relegated him to to the 10th place result. The 4-10-10 was enough to still secure a credible 7th place overall for the Championship in the hotly contested 12-14 years 85cc class.

1. Jacob Wright (Honda Racing Australia) 72pts
2. Jackson Richardson (KTM) 63pts
3. Kurt Waterman 50pts
6. Joben Baldwin (GMR Motorex KTM)

The heat was on for young Dylan Berwick (Burnie) in the 13-14 years 125cc class heading into the final day of racing leading the points charge to team mate Sam Duncanson, just six points of the lead. In the final race, Berwick rode smart and conservative to maintain his Championship chase. Duncanson however had nothing to lose but after a mid pack start had to chase the front runners down. A 4th place finish for Sam was not enough to maintain his points standing, but collected a credible 4th place overall. Berwick collected 1-2-3 sealed the Championship while for Duncanson 5-1-4 secured 4th place overall.

1. Dylan Berwick (GMR Motorex KTM) 67pts
2. Jackson Richardson (KTM) 65pts
3. Shaun Cornick (Yamaha) 62pts
4. Sam Duncanson (GMR Motorex KTM) 59pts

In the 15 years 125cc class, Jason Reed (Maitland) contested five straight finals in this class and in the final round today collected a 3rd place. The 4-5-2-7-3 results locked in a 4th place overall for the class.

1. Daniel Shrimp (KTM) 118
2. Ashley Whisler (KTM) 107
3. Dylan Peterson (Honda) 96pts
4. Jason Reed (GMR Motorex KTM) 90pts

The 13-14 years class was a huge controversy as Sam Duncanson (Cleveland) entered the final round of racing sitting in a comfortable 2nd position to Matthew Phillips. A crash for Phillips relegated him to the rear of the field meanwhile Duncanson rode an incredible race to take the lead. A race incident resulted in a red flag situation with the race declared having completed 75% of the race which secured Duncanson and GMR Motorex KTM another Championship.

1. Sam Duncanson (GMR Motorex KTM) 65pts
2. Matthew Phillips (Honda) 54pts
3. Shaun Cornick (Yamaha) 52pts

Jason Reed had a tough day on the track and in the 15 years 250F class picked up a 5th place result in his final race of the event. Reed desperately needed a top three finish to secure a podium but a huge crash on the increasingly rough and dusty circuit meant Reed was unable to achieve his desired result. The 6-3-5 results locked in a 4th overall, the first non-local in the point standings.

1. Daniel Shrimp (KTM) 69pts
2. Jake Zelich (Yamaha) 65pts
3. Ashley Whisler (KTM) 61pts
4. Jason Reed (GMR Motorex KTM) 51pts

The whole team has done such an amazing job and I am so proud of all of their achievements. I would like to thank all of the incredible team sponsors who have supported us and helped the team achieve.

Stay tuned to and for further team results and updates.