Championship chase is on for GMR Motorex KTM


The Australian Junior Motocross Championship finals racing got underway today and took off to an exciting start for the GMR Motorex KTM Racing Team with a number of awesome results.

In the 9-u12 years 85cc class Jesse Dobson had a tough battle in his first two finals for the Championship. In race one, Jesse was riding in the top three, but a crash mid-race relegated him down the field. With determination, he fought back to a solid 4th place. In the second race, a huge first turn pile-up left Dobson to rejoin the race in last position but the young gun knuckled down and charged his way to a 7th place finish. The result savored his points chase and he now sits in 4th place overall and only 1 point out of a possible podium result for the Championship heading into the final round of racing tomorrow.

In the 12-14 years 85cc class, Joben Baldwin picked up a solid 4th place in race one of the finals and was keen to consolidate his points standing heading into race two. Mechanical gremlins struck mid-race and resulted in Baldwin dropping from a top five position to a 10th place finish. The result has still ensured that Baldwin remains in the points chase for a podium position and sits in equal 4th heading into the final round.

Baldwin, Dylan Berwick and Sam Duncanson again attacked the 13-14 years 125cc class and showed amazing form. Berwick launched from the gate and took the holeshot and led the race start to finish bringing home 1st place. Duncanson struggled from the gate but made his presence felt with a huge effort to bring home 5th. Baldwin was tangled in a first turn pile-up and had to fight his way back through the field but was not able to bring home points.

In race two, Berwick got another good start and was sitting in 2nd position with Baldwin hot on his tail in 3rd. Duncanson was on the move and charged hard in the opening stages to move past Baldwin and then put on a hot race with Berwick to move into 2nd behind Jackson Richardson. Duncanson and Berwick later moved into 1st and 2nd positions respectively across the line.

The 15 years 125cc class continued on day four of the event with Jason Reed placed in equal third position in the five round finals. After a solid start, Reed quickly slot into 3rd position and was in good form but a small error on the gnarly track relegated Reed mid-pack and he rode desperately to regain positions. Reed secured a well earned 7th place and heads into the final race tomorrow in 5th place for the Championship, only 4 points from securing a possible podium finish.

Having suffered a flu in the week leading up to the event and as the track began taking its toll on his recovery, Berwick made a difficult decision to withdraw from the 13-14 years 250F class which was scheduled just four races after the 125cc class. His early win in race one in the 125cc proved that a Championship is within reach and should not be sacrificed.

So it was Duncanson who then flew the flag in the 13-14 years 250F class without his teammate but certainly made an impression by collecting a 2nd place finish in race one to Matthew Phillips who has been outstanding all week. In race two, again it was Phillips and Duncanson out in front, but an error in the last lap of the race saw Duncanson in the sand with both legs stuck under his bike unable to remount quickly. After some struggle, Duncanson was back on board and brought home a 4th place. The 2-4 results place Duncanson in 2nd overall to Phillips.

In the 15 years 250F class, Reed struggled in race one with a crash in the third lap. Despite the set back, Reed was determined and fought through the field to bring home a 6th place finish. The second round of finals was impressive with Reed collecting a 3rd place finish, surrounded by local riders Daniel Shrimp and Jake Zelich in 1st and 2nd and Ashley Whisler in 4th. The 6-3 results have Reed placed in 4th heading into the final day of racing, only one point from a possible podium result.

Glenn Macdonald reflected on the day’s events and said “WOW. What a day! This track has started to take its toll on many of the riders but our riders have consistently been in the mix which has seen them all at the pointy end of the Championship chase. We have Dobson sitting in 4th for the 9-u12 years 85cc, Baldwin in equal 4th in the 12-14 years 85cc, Berwick leading the 13-14 years 125cc Championship class with Duncanson in 2nd just 6 points away, Duncanson is sitting in 2nd on the 250F in the 13-14 years class and Reedy holding a 4th and 5th in his classes. All are well within reach but we are under no illusions that the final round of racing tomorrow will be easy. Berwick will feel a bit of heat heading into the final race holding the points lead, while the rest of the team have nothing to lose and everything to gain tomorrow. This has been a huge effort on a gnarly track which would blow the minds of many of the top senior pro riders so I couldn’t be any more proud of the team’s performance so far.”

At time of report, all riders are resting and preparing for tomorrow’s racing. Stay tuned to for the final outcome from the 2008 Australian Junior Motocross Championships.