Highs and Lows for GMR Motorex at penultimate round of the Victorian Junior Championships


Joben Baldwin and Dylan Berwick both suffered the highs and lows of motocross racing at the penultimate round of the Victorian Junior Motocross Championships at Melton on 31 May & 1 June 2008.

On a track that was reminiscent of an ‘old-school’ junior racing styled layout with plenty of air time, starts were critical to make the break on the competition as the track layout and surface made passing a challenge.

In the A Grade 85 two stroke to 150 four-stroke 12-16 years class, Joben Baldwin entered the round in a solid 4th position overall and was keen to claw his way back into podium contention.

Joben kicked off his campaign with a win in race one, followed by a fifth and fourth in the final two races. The results secured a fourth overall for the event and Joben is now third overall in the Championship standings.

With only 10 points between the top three riders in the Championship, the final round at Toolleen in northern Victoria will no doubt be a hard fought battle to the end.

A Grade 85 two stroke to 150 four-stroke 12-16 years class Round Results
1. Kale Makeham  
2. Geran Stapleton  
3. Dylan Long  
4. Joben Baldwin 

A Grade 85 two stroke to 150 four-stroke 12-16 years class Championship Standings
1. Kale Makeham  
2. Dylan Long  
3. Joben Baldwin 

In the A Grade 125cc 13-16 years class, Joben Baldwin and Dylan Berwick both took to the grid for the GMR Motorex KTM team.

Both riders are at the younger end of the category at 13 and 14 years respectively and two of only a few of the ‘red-plate’ racers in the field. Joben and Dylan entered the second round placed eighth and fourth respectively, but were still well within the points chase.

Berwick had a blinding opening race and held second position for the race, whilst Joben struggled after a poor start after being caught up in the right hand first turn hair-pin corner and collected a 12th place.

In race two however, Joben had an absolute blinding start, with Dylan sitting in mid-pack. Joben battled it out with the front runners and after some tough racing and bar banging brought home a fifth, with Berwick hard charging to the end for seventh.

The final 125cc race was again another tough battle with Dylan getting a much better start and running in fifth position, with Joben in 11th. A hard charge by Joben, who was is now much more comfortable in this class moved from 11th to seventh within the opening laps. Dylan however made a mistake and crashed on the slippery surface and was hit by an on coming rider. The incident cost him dearly and rode the remainder of the race with multiple fractures in his hand. Joben in the meantime, brought home a credible seventh in the hotly contested class.

With a mixed bag of results, Joben secured a seventh place for the round, whilst Dylan picked up sixth for the event. Dylan is now placed fifth and Joben seventh overall in the Championship.

A Grade 125cc 13-16 years class Round Results
1. Christopher Gay 
2. Michael Crugnale 
3. Harrison Wooding 

A Grade 125cc 13-16 years class Championship Standings
1. Christopher Gay 
2. Harrison Wooding 
3. Troy McNally  
5. Dylan Berwick  
7. Joben Baldwin 

In the A Grade 250 four-stroke 13-16 years class, Dylan Berwick was placed 11th overall after a disappointing opening round at Newry and was keen to capitalise on a track he enjoys.

Dylan earned 3-14-5 results and has catapulted up the series points and is now placed 6th overall in the Championship. Dylan is adapting well to the larger bike in his first season on the KTM250F and is definitely showing good form against his much older competitors.

A Grade 250F 13-16 years class Round Results
1. Luke Arbon  
2. Harrison Wooding 
3. Christopher Gay 
6. Dylan Berwick  

A Grade 250F 13-16 years class Championship Standings
1. Harrison Wooding 
2. Christopher Gay 
3. Matthew Phillips 
6. Dylan Berwick  

On reflection, Team Manager Glenn Macdonald commented “both boys showed some brilliant form and speed, but they suffered a bad race in each class which cost them dearly.

Having said that, many riders on the weekend fell victim to the tricky start and first turn or the conditions of the track at some point so the points are jumping around significantly. The nature of junior racing is that many riders suffer from a bad race here and there, but to be on the podium consistently is really the key.

We are in with a shot for a podium in the 85cc class and it is great to see two of the two-stroke riders up there pushing the four-stroke. This one will go down to the wire.”

The GMR Motorex KTM team would also like to congratulate their friend and 2007 GMR-KTM team mate Jeremy Tyndall, who is supported by the KTM Motocross Advanced Coaching Academy under the Racing Team banner.

Jeremy continued his winning streak and took another three straight wins in the 9-u12 years 85cc class. Jeremy has not only taken two round wins, but has also collected maximum points in the Championship with 150 points and around a 50 point lead on his nearest competitor heading into the final round.

The final round of the Victorian Junior Motocross Championships will be held on 28 & 29 June at Toolleen in northern Victoria.

Stay tuned to and for results.


* official series points not available at time of report